Squid Stake
Token Details
Token Supply & Allocation
Total Supply: 400,000,000 $SQUID
Token Address for $SQUID: 0xAE61e7dc989718E700C046a2483e93513eDCA484


$SQUID for sale: 5,000,000
Price per $SQUID during launchpad: $0.10
$SQUID launchpad hardcap: $500,000
Link to launchpad: https://autoshark.finance/launchpad​
Start block: https://bscscan.com/block/countdown/12167600 (Approximately Thursday, Oct 28 13:00 UTC)
End block: https://bscscan.com/block/countdown/12172400 (Approximately Thursday, Oct 28 17:00 UTC)

Funds Allocation

Raised in $FINS/BNB:
Use of $FINS = 100% Burnt
Use of $BNB = 100% used to form initial liquidity
Squid Stake is the first project that uses all the funds raised to form initial liquidity because we believe in our project and understand the importance of having liquidity for our native $SQUID token

Token Allocation

Allocation of 400,000,000 $SQUID
1.25% - Launchpad
2% - Marketing
2% - Platform Development
2% - Team
7.25% - Liquidity Reserve
Liquidity reserve is needed for our team to help create $SQUID LPs to ensure we maintain a high level of liquidity so users can swap with low slippage when buying and selling $SQUID. On top of that, liquidity reserves are used to trade farms/pools with other projects to increase our community exposure
15% - Mining Rewards for Swappers
Mining Rewards are minted in the form of $SQUID everytime a user uses squid swap to swap their cryptocurrencies
70% - Staking Rewards for Stakers
Staking Rewards are minted over time in pools and farms to allow users to generate yields on their staked cryptocurrencies