Squid Stake
Got questions?

How Do I Participate in the Launchpad?

You can head over to https://autoshark.finance/launchpad to participate.

What is Squid Stake's differentiating factor?

Our unique tokenomics ensure that the high APY for our pools and farms are sustainable. As the ecosystem grows, the price of $SQUID will continue increasing. We do not need to constantly ramp up emissions unlike many other staking platform out there.

How do I buy $SQUID tokens?

You can get your hands on $SQUID tokens via the launchpad initially. After which, we will be listed on AutoShark and you can purchase directly from autoshark.finance​

How does the Squid Stake make money if 100% of fund raised is used for liquidity?

We strongly believe that forming liquidity for token is very important to ensure a stable price growth and low slippage for investors. That is our key focus. We are incentivized to grow our ecosystem and TVL because we only earn when our TVL increases (we earn 0.5% out of the 3% deposit fees)

Why the focus on stable farming pairs?

We are interested in all farming major pairs. This includes pairs like BNB-BUSD, BTC-ETH etc. However, we use this Stable Pegged APR as the source of truth to ensure juicy rewards for all stakers. When we increase APR for stable pairs, APR will increase across the board for all other pairs as well, since it roughly follows the MasterChef implementation for all yield farms. The biggest difference: We have a mathematical model that guides our rate of emissions (reducing it rapidly over time).
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