Squid Stake
What is Squid Stake?

Stake & Earn

Squid Stake is a decentralized yield farm aimed at providing high passive income through select farms and pools via Stable Pegged APR (SPA). Through the constant buyback and forming of LP for $SQUID token and incentivising models such as liquidity mining, Squid Stake is dedicated to growing the platform through a sustainable tokenomics model that is semi-deflationary in nature while ensuring high sustainable yields for stakers.
In short, stake your assets here and get rewarded with high APY/APR by choosing to stake with us! We are able to maintain a sustainable emission rate because of our unique tokenomics. When you stake your tokens with us, you get rewarded in the form of $SQUID tokens that is emitted from our contract. Squid Stake is built on Binance Smart Chain instead of Ethereum network because of the low gas fees for transactions which allow yield farming to be more efficient.
Annual percentage yield (APY) is a normalized representation of an interest rate, based on a compounding period of one year. APY figures allow a reasonable, single-point comparison of different offerings with varying compounding schedules.

Sustainable Emissions

Our tokenomics ensure that our token price will always keeps going up in tandem with TVL (total value locked) growth. When our TVL grow, more deposit fees are used to buyback $SQUID token and redistributed to users in the form of SQUID > WBNB pool. We will be pioneering a new methodology that we created - Stable Pegged APR (SPA).
We will be pioneering a new emissions rate model: Stable Pegged APR (SPA), which will be critical to our success of managing a sustainable AMM. In Typical yield farms, emissions rates are set at a fixed number per block. This model if not managed well, tends to be unsustainable, and results in over-inflation, while resulting in low benefits for the AMM platform. Our team has pioneered a new formula for managing emissions rates which will serve as a strong support for price for the token to ensure token value is sustainably increased. At the same, this model will ensure a juicy APR for all potential yield farmers that will be joining us.
Depositing into our Pool and Farm will require a 3% deposit fees in which 2.5% of the deposit fees will be sent to a buyback wallet that is used to buyback $SQUID and form LP for dividend pool. This ensure the price for $SQUID will keep going up as TVL increases. 0.5% from the deposit fees is sent to treasury to maintain the ecosystem and to build partnerships.
As TVL increases, price of $SQUID increases from buybacks, we will taper emission down so we will not over inflate our supply like many other projects out there.

Deflationary Focused

Unlike most platforms where tokens are inflationary, our token is semi-deflationary because of the buybacks that is native to our system. The token emissions are deflated by the buybacks, increasing the buy pressure $SQUID as the ecosystem thrive and prosper. There is a fixed supply of $SQUID.
Traditionally, deflationary tokens are created by adding a tax function in their token. This means that every buy and sell or even simply sending of their tokens will subject you to taxes. However, this limits the partnerships that you can have (because some platforms like Binance will never list taxed tokens). On top of that, it will result in high gas fees when interacting with the tokens simply because of the complex nature of the smart contract when theres tax involved.
By creating a deflationary aspect on the token via deposit fees, we enable our $SQUID tokens to be versatile yet ensuring that the platform growth will be closely tied to the price of the token.


Squid Stake builds on the oceanic ecosystem of AutoShark to help you stake more, earn more. Our Swap will utilise our own router but AutoShark's liquidity. Our farms will also be used to prioritise AutoShark's current farms.
Learn more about AutoShark at https://autoshark.finance/​
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